[scribus] how to export two A4 pages for printing A5 folder?

Frank Busse frank at busse.oche.de
Sun Jun 13 22:01:48 CEST 2010

@TSH, Sun Jun 13 13:22:36 CEST 2010

Thank you too for your hint!

> Export the whole thing to PDF as usual
> Open it in a PDF viewer, go to File -> Print and choose the 'Print to File' option.

Which PDF viewer do you recommend?

Okular, standard on Kubuntu Lucid, lets me define my custom page size, but has no option for 2-up printing pages 4,1: Can only select from range [1..4]... :-/

Adobe Reader 9 has this wonderful "booklet" option - but no standard way to print to custom paper size. Maybe if I managed to use "Other..." printer (lp) to access CUPS-PDF, I would have a chance to manually define the appropriate page size. Preview looks good...

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