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Tue Jul 20 11:49:18 CEST 2010

On Tue, 20 Jul 2010 15:57:09 +0930, Ray wrote:

> Probably a daft question from a new user - but...
> When I open my Scribus in Ubuntu I am faced with a white page
> on an almost white background.
> Can I somehow change the Scribus background to another colour and also
> hopefully, the headings and main program colour? What I have done is to
> make the non printable page area another colour and that gives some
> relief between page & background, but would prefer to make the
> background a blue/grey colour to distinguish it better from the actual
> page to write on.
> Inkscape seems to be the same, whereas Open Office has a definite
> background colour.
> I have played around with different system preferences etc but none
> appear to make any real difference to Scribus.

When I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid (actually Ubuntu Studio), using 
Scribus, I had a similar problem which had not occurred on any 
previous installations.

I seemed to be the only one with this problem, and couldn't find any 
other reported problem like this, and nor did any suggested solutions 
work. No matter what changes I made to any settings - either within 
Scribus or to Ubuntu or my chosen theme, Scribus alone remained grey with 
a pale grey window background.

I never did find a solution, but I'm now trying out Scribus NG - 
currently 1.3.7 - which you can install alongside the stable version. 
This one picks up the theme settings I make to Ubuntu. However, as it's 
non-stable, expect a bug or two.

The next stable version is expected soon "probably", and hopefully that 
will behave politely in this respect.

Inkscape picks up my theme settings OK, but its window background is 
entirely white because, really it is all workspace - the 'page' area is 
just a guide marker which you can turn on and off and size to fit your 

Stewart H.

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