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Sat Jul 10 00:01:26 CEST 2010

When you need to request a feature or report a bug, please head on over
to, create yourself a login and file the report.

Please check for prior existence of the item you wish to report because
if what you report is a duplicate, we will have to move the new
information to the correct one and mark yours as invalid. If you find
what you want to report, by all means add your opinion or ideas to the
current bug by adding a bugnote. If not, add a new entry.

Please keep feature requests reasonable and relevant. No, we can't make
Scribus a GTK+ app or import any closed proprietary formats like Quark
Xpress or Pagemaker files.

We will be using the information in the features and bugs entered to
make sure we can develop Scribus in the best way for all of you out

The Scribus team would also like to thank the people that have developed
the for all their hard work so far.
Thanks also to my friend hosting this site on his servers.

More information:
The timing of this announcement is strangely appropriate given the
discussions on the mailing list in the past day or so with regards to
TeX, Math ML, tables, etc etc etc. For items which were not already
added into the system, I have been adding them from your mails. My
entries are pretty basic, so please go in and fill in your requests in

Please keep up the discussion on the mailing list and post your succinct
views, ideas and proposals to the system.

All the best,


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