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Thu Jul 8 10:34:03 CEST 2010

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   Name: Graham Gough
   Email Address: graham.gough at oup.com
   Subject: Document margins and PDF creation
I can't find any reference to this already, but I apologise if I've missed  
it: when I create a pdf, Scribus is adding my printer margins to my document  
margins, and thereby 'shrinking' the pdf image and to produce the wider  
resulting margins.
I'm using the latest stable version on Mepis 8, but the same occurs in  
Windows XP.
The printer is an HP Officejet.
Changing the printer margins to zero before creating the pdf has no effect  
Is there a means by which Scribus can be disassociated with the printer, so  
that the margins are not brought in?
When printing to paper directly from Scribus, everything is exactly as it  
should be.
When creating a pdf in Windows XP using PDF Creator instead of the built-in  
Scribus PDF creation function, everything is fine (but PDF Creator is unable  
to handle imported placed pdfs, so it isn't the solution).
Or am I missing something very basic (I am new to Scribus, but do use Quark).

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     Type: Linux
     Version: Mepis 8
     CPU type: 32bit (Intel/AMD - i386)

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