[scribus] can I buy gs###w64.exe?

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Jan 29 09:22:07 CET 2010

dear marylin
> I downloadedgs and opened it and got the same error message.  I 
> remember reading that gs has to be installed first so I uninstalled 
> Scribus so that gs would be first.  Still no luck.  Any suggestions?

tell scribus where gs is...

you may need some help in installing from somebody around you...

> Marilyn A. Apfel, PhD
> 301-567-3233
> 301-567-3234 fax
> 301-379-2154 cell
> 9611 Potomac Drive
> Fort Washington, MD 20744

could you please shorten your signature, max 3 lines (if any) on mailing 

> Test the strength of your patent for $2,500 – a small price to protect 
> your most valuable asset. PatentProtectPlus

you won't make many friends in here by making publicity for patents...
you'd better avoid that sentence when mailing with free software projects.

ah, and you may also learn to write  yourreply after the relevant part 
of the mail you're quoting.

have fun

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