[scribus] How to extract embedded images?

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 28 14:55:14 CET 2010

On 01/28/2010 06:30 AM, Henk van Andel wrote:
> Our association magazine is DTP'ed by several voluntees, using Scribus 
> (of course).
> In order not to loose the images in all kind of 'obscrure' 
> (subdirectories, we embed the images (have in on clipboard, paste from 
> clipboard). This works fine.
> However, sometimes one wants to extract the images from Scribus.
> There is a procedure, but I cannot find it.
You can't make Scribus embed images, since the files only hold the path 
to the file. Admittedly, this can be rather obscure and hard to find.

There is the Extract Text script that I wrote, which in addition to 
extracting the text and printing to a file, will also print to the file 
the paths to images and the name of the image frame. You could modify 
this to skip the text extraction and maybe text frames altogether.

Capsule of what it does: It goes through your document page by page, 
filtering for text or image frames. Your only input is to choose a file 
for the extraction with a file dialog, after which a sequential list of 
frames, followed by content for text frames, and the path for image 
frames is written to the file.

This script is included in 1.3.3.x versions -- I just checked it out and 
it still works.


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