[scribus] selecting with ease and power

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Tue Jan 26 19:29:14 CET 2010

On Tue, 26 Jan 2010 11:41:39 +0000
Sveinn í Felli <sveinki at nett.is> dijo:

>Þann þri 26.jan 2010 10:13, JLuc skrifaði:
>> With some other DTP tools, ALL boxes
>> that come across the selection rectangle are selected
>> even if all sides are not completely inside the rectangle.
>> Selecting lots of boxes requires just a little rectangle,
>> giving a comfort and power feeling feedback to the user :-)

>Then there is a neat selection 'feature' used in some CAD 
>applications (the biggest and most bloated):
>Selection rectangle from left-to-right selects only those 
>objects completely 'surrounded' by the rectangle, and a 
>selection rectangle from right-to-left selects all objects 
>which are 'touched' by the rectangle area. The direction of 
>these selection methods is swappable.
>Would that be desireable in a DTP app ?

I think that would be very confusing, especially for beginners. I can
see the posts to the list coming already - "have I found a bug here?" 

The first drawing app I ever used was CorelDRAW, a long time ago. It
required the object to be entirely enclosed, the same as Scribus. Later
I went to other drawing apps which select any object touched. It drove
me crazy because I could never completely change my Corel habits. 

I would go for a user choice in Preferences. But having said that,
developer time is thin and there are lots more pressing issues. 

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