[scribus] Reducing PDF file size

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Tue Jan 26 15:02:37 CET 2010

Le 26/01/2010 11:43, Ian Whitfield a écrit :
> Thanks for the input from JLuc!!!
> He said..."I tried to print your file through "PDFCreator" pdf printer
> driver, at 72 dpi which is perfect for screen display and it produced a
> 1,77Mb file (when the original was 5,5Mb).
> That is very easy to do so why bother using ps and complex command line
> tools?"
> I wrote to him asking if he used the Windows PDFCreator or the Linux
> iPDFCreator but did not get a reply.

Private messages are for my girlfriend only :-)

> So this morning I looked at both
> programs - did not manage to get too far with installing the Linux one
> so gave the Windows one a go.
> I'm unhappy about having to move back to Windows to do this but IT WORKS
> and that's the most important thing!!
You should give the linux version a try,
since it will probably work the same.


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