[scribus] Double click for text editor?

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Tue Jan 26 13:31:18 CET 2010

Each time I'm working with Scribus, sooner or later I'll try to start
the text editor by a double click on the text frame. It's automatic,
just without thinking about it.

Just something to think about. Or can I determine this behaviour somewhere?

Maybe clarify, are you expecting the double click to launch the "Story 
Editor" or to do in-line text editing ?

If I double click I can do inline text editing, which is what I prefer, 
I would personally find it irritating to have the story editor appear, 
when most of the editing I want to do is generally in-line.

To launch the story editor you appear to have to right mouse click and 
choose "edit text" or press Ctrl+T

Maybe, it is a personal preference type thing and if it is not there 
already could/should be a configuration option? I can find keyboard 
shortcuts but not mouse ? Maybe if it were available you could use 
middle mouse button or wheel click for the alternate action you less 
often take (in-line or story edit)??

Maybe some sort of user profiles could be held with option of some 
default usage templates, those coming from product a,b, or even the 
dreaded ms.


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