[scribus] Item Action Mode

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Mon Jan 25 19:18:35 CET 2010

What is "Item Action Mode" (under the Edit Menu) meant to be and is it 
functional at moment ?

I can only seem to get a tick beside it to toggle which disables Undo 
and Redo when ticked nothing else ?

And the Action History  Window also toggles between only showing 
"Initial State" when ticked and full list of actions (the ones Scribus 
currently tracks) when not ticked.

I did a quick search and found nothing apart from an old mail posting 
saying it might be broken ?

Maybe someone who knows can put an entry in the wiki for it on what it 
should do and another comment if it is currently not functioning?

Does/Could/Should the wiki have a list of all Scribus actions (builtin 
not scripts) somewhere ?
Or should that be in the manual ?

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