[scribus] undo of text editing in 1.3.5+

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Mon Jan 25 19:15:23 CET 2010

(except for the well known fact that not every action can be undone).
Is it also filed as a bug ?
Unless a user is warned their next action cannot be undone, every action 
should be undo-able?
It may be a feature not yet implemented but in the overall usage of 
Scribus it is a bug??

Well, what I find frustrating is that if I am doing something by
mistake (that can not be undone) and then tries to undo it, some older
action gets undone.
Totally agree.
The only help seems if you use the undo option from the top Edit menu 
option you are given a clue as to what it is undoing.
But this may slow you down and in the case of inserting a text frame, 
then making several separate text changes and only be offered the undo 
option of "Undo: Create Text1" is not exactly helpful.

Not being able to undo minor textual changes seems to be a significant 
missing feature if not intended and a bug if intended.

Or Peter
If you have a nice big screen the "Action History" window seems an even 
better option in terms of seeing a more detailed list of what can be 
done and undone and that you can pick individual older actions to undo 
or redo.
If your screen real estate is big enough you can leave it open at a 
reasonable size of to the side.
Except of course undoing textual changes do not appear ....

I think that to help with this the undo should change focus to the
undone item, so I can see what was undone (becuse it makes more sense
to see what was undone than to see what was not undone).
Good idea

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