[scribus] Problems with ODT Import

Gregory Pittman gregp_ky at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 24 18:17:08 CET 2010

On 01/24/2010 09:22 AM, Aaron W. Hsu wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I've been playing with ODT import and I noticed a strange problem. I 
> export an ODT from TextMaker (Softmaker's word processor), and then I 
> import it into Scribus. The Linespacing is always set to something way 
> off, and there is an offset of the text that is also set to something 
> like 10%, this makes everything almost disappear, as the lines are all 
> scrunched up. If I readjust these, things look okay. Is there some 
> reason for this? If you'd like, I'll try to send in a sample ODT file 
> later on, just let me know. Does this list accept attachments?
Likely a problem with TextMaker. Make sure you are creating Styles -- 
this is where Style creation in Scribus works best. Otherwise, I'm not 
sure what linespacing, etc, might be used, perhaps some default value.

It would probably be worth your while as a test to get OpenOffice.org, 
load the file into it, see if it looks Ok there, then save it with 
oowriter, and see how that imports into Scribus.

No, the list does not accept attachments. Best to file a bug and upload 
there, but first I would recommend the above.


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