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Branko Vukelic bg.branko at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 15:01:22 CET 2010

I used a similar flag on an HP laser printer some 4 years ago when
InDesign produced very complex PDFs that taxed the printer's internal
memory. In other words, I used the setting only when the source file
was too complex. Under most circumstances this produces worse results
unless the source file is a bitmap. I'm also sure not all printers
have it. We have two HP printers at work, none of them have the flag.

>From a brief informal survey conducted among my acquaintances, the
most popular PDF readers are Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat (pirated, no
doubt), and Foxit[1] reader (I don't know it because I use Linux).

[1] http://www.foxitsoftware.com/pdf/reader/

On Tue, Jan 19, 2010 at 2:50 PM, GianLuca Sarto <glsarto at tiscali.it> wrote:
> Peter Nermander wrote:
>>>> To be more precise, these images are inserted in a box, automatically
>>>> scaled, but when they are printed, they print at lower resolution and
>>>> so you only see a corner of the image in the box, on paper.
>>> - which version of scribus are you using? on which platform?
>> I am not really sure from the original post that the printing is done
>> from Scribus.
>> If the problems is with printing the PDF, the most important question
>> is: With what PDF viewer?
>> The only 100% reliable PDF viewer is Adobe Reader.
>> /Peter
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> thank all of You for your kind replies!
> Further investigations found that is the "print as image" flag in the
> printer driver that makes a difference:
> Reader                 : print as image : result
> Adobe Reader 9 Win     : no             : OK
> Adobe Reader 9 Win     : yes            : cannot print doc error
> Docucom PDF plus 9 Win : no             : WRONG RESOLUTION
> Docucom PDF Plus 9 Win : Y/300dpi       : OK
> Ubuntu Adobe Reader    : no             : OK
> Ubuntu Adobe Reader    : yes            : cannot print doc error
> We are a bit concerned that a random setting of this flag will prevent some
> customers from printing our catalogue, or it will be printed as garbage!
> I'd be interested to learn what does this flag mean, anyway...
> again, thank you very much for your support,
> -GianLuca
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