[scribus] images on pdf print at wrong resolution

GianLuca Sarto glsarto at tiscali.it
Tue Jan 19 14:50:05 CET 2010

Peter Nermander wrote:
>>> To be more precise, these images are inserted in a box, automatically
>>> scaled, but when they are printed, they print at lower resolution and
>>> so you only see a corner of the image in the box, on paper.
>> - which version of scribus are you using? on which platform?
> I am not really sure from the original post that the printing is done
> from Scribus.
> If the problems is with printing the PDF, the most important question
> is: With what PDF viewer?
> The only 100% reliable PDF viewer is Adobe Reader.
> /Peter
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thank all of You for your kind replies!

Further investigations found that is the "print as image" flag in the 
printer driver that makes a difference:

Reader                 : print as image : result
Adobe Reader 9 Win     : no             : OK
Adobe Reader 9 Win     : yes            : cannot print doc error
Docucom PDF plus 9 Win : no             : WRONG RESOLUTION
Docucom PDF Plus 9 Win : Y/300dpi       : OK
Ubuntu Adobe Reader    : no             : OK
Ubuntu Adobe Reader    : yes            : cannot print doc error

We are a bit concerned that a random setting of this flag will prevent 
some customers from printing our catalogue, or it will be printed as 

I'd be interested to learn what does this flag mean, anyway...

again, thank you very much for your support,
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