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E. de Winkel winkelde at xs4all.nl
Fri Jan 15 10:47:24 CET 2010

In answer to the topic of Aljosa Vidmar (making an eBook with Scribus):
Recently I completed the translation of an instruction-book, mainly for 
use as a PDF, but also as a test for eBook.

    * Scribus has no spell checker (my version Windows), so you
      need to be sure of your spelling.
    * Scribus is very good on making a proper layout, but for a text
      only this is less important.

My system was: write the text in a good textprogramm of choice MS-Word, 
which is good on spelling and grammar, OOo, which is considerable 
cheaper and relatively easier to use (compared to the 2007 version of 
Word) or other.
Transfer the lot as a text to Scribus and make the Typo, using as little 
paragraph stiles as you can manage.
With me this worked for a 17.9 Mb *.sla file (indeed quite big), which 
was transferred into as 16.7 Mb (for web viewing) and 136 Mb (for 
printing) PDF. Difference being in the pictures on 80 pixels or 300 
On this project my problems were:

    * No spell checker on Scribus
    * Internal links work well in PDF, but when the document is changed,
      you have to change all the links as well.

Because off this my current project is in OOo.
Ermin de Winkel

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