[scribus] Making an eBook with Scribus

Aljosa Vidmar agapetos.typhonis at gmail.com
Thu Jan 14 18:16:12 CET 2010


I would like to turn a 100-page OOo Writer document into a relatively
simple eBook with Scribus. I've dabbled with Scribus before (small,
max. 3-page documents) and I've read a few tutorials, but I haven't
found any directions on how to typeset a book. My text is, as I said
before, an OOo document; it has 100 pages (9 chapters, TOC, front
cover), there are no images, only formated text. I'd like to hear some
tips & directions on how to go about this task. I don't need a lengthy
tutorial, just very short (one sentence) instructions, step-by-step.


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