[scribus] Problem with right alignment in ver.

scriblist at samoorman.com scriblist at samoorman.com
Thu Jan 14 00:48:08 CET 2010

I'm having problems aligning text flush right in version  If  
I create a text box, insert text, and set it to align right via either  
a style or the properties panel, it appears just a bit short of flush  
right in the box -- but noticeably so.

This makes it difficult when I snap such text boxes to the right  
margin.  In, text was truly flush right, and aligned  
perfectly, for example, with the right terminus of a horizontal line  
at the top of the page. In, such text is not, and the  
misalignment looks sloppy. In case I am not clear, here is a composite  
of two screen captures showing the difference between versions:


Also, I've become familiar with the Optical Margins function, but  
those settings do not appear to make a difference.

Thanks very much for any assistance.


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