[scribus] number alignment on right hand pages

CLIVE CATTERALL clive.catterall at btinternet.com
Mon Jan 11 20:35:39 CET 2010

Just a quickie. 

I have folios at the foot on left and right pages with two #s in the left and right master pages aligned with the outer edges of the text block. On the right hand page the ##s in the text block are aligned ragged left (align text right), and in the left hand page the ##s are aligned ragged right (align text left). 

I cannot get the drop folios on the right pages to align with the right hand side of the text on single numbered pages. Scribus fills the #s from the left, leaving the right hand position blank.

Do I have to have separate master pages for single numbered right hand pages? If I substitute the master pages for the already laid-out right hand pages will the elements on the page stay where they are? The Wiki does not cover this (though it is otherwise great).

Many thanks to the developers for a great program btw.

Clive Catterall

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