[scribus] Long Document Preparation Workflows

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Thu Jan 7 14:17:30 CET 2010

avox schreef:
> Aaron W. Hsu wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> I've been trying to search through the archives for answers to my  
>> questions, but I'm afraid that I haven't quite found them. Many of the  
>> responses seem to relate to older versions of Scribus. Perhaps someone can  
>> help me with long document preparation.
>> I tend to write strong text-oriented documents which have a lot of  
>> character styles and a fairly complex hierarchy of headings and other  
>> objects that would be turned into entries in Table of Contents, indexes,  
>> cross-references, &c. 
>> ...
>> If Scribus can't do them natively, is there some sort of workflow that  
>> allows for this sort of development which doesn't force me to do  
>> everything manually?
>> 	Aaron W. Hsu
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> Hi Aaron,
> currently Scribus does not offer the support you need for the kind of
> documents you create.
> There are two things planned for Scribus 1.5, either of which might provide
> a good workflow to you:
> 1. Linked LaTeX frames (aka render frames)
> It's already possible to include LateX output directly in Scribus, but
> that's currently limited to single frames. In the future it's planned to
> allow linked image frames, so it would be possible to stream
> multipage LaTeX documents into a Scribus document.
> 2. Storing text in external XML files
> This would allow to prepare well-formed XML files by some external means (eg
> a text editor) and then use a CSS-like technique to format them in Scribus.
> I'm currently working on this, but it will probably take some time until
> this provides a workable workflow for you (maybe end of 2010).
> /Andreas

Hi Andreas,

Regularly I have to lay-out simple booklets and books from 20 up to 300 
pages, and, aware of the warnings not yet use Scribus for many page 
books, every three months or so I look at the site of Scribus to see if 
it already possible to use Scribus for those tasks. So what keeps the 
developers (who I thank very much for what they already have made 
possible) from making that Scribus can also be used for big books 
(without splitting the file in several pieces, what is often very 
annoying), and without workaround with other programs as LateX, XML, 
etc. Just plain Scribus. I would think that such would be a priority. I 
now use Writer (OpenOffice.org), even when the books have images or 
diagrams, but then I miss several Scribus facilities.
I think that not only I would benefit, but that this would enhance the 
use of Scribus greatly. Since it is an often heard problem, users expect 
that they can use Scribus like the big programs.

Kind regards,

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