[scribus] Long Document Preparation Workflows

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Sun Jan 3 22:18:22 CET 2010

avox a écrit :
> There are two things planned for Scribus 1.5, either of which might provide
> a good workflow to you:
> 2. Storing text in external XML files
> This would allow to prepare well-formed XML files by some external means (eg
> a text editor) and then use a CSS-like technique to format them in Scribus.
> I'm currently working on this, but it will probably take some time until
> this provides a workable workflow for you (maybe end of 2010).


This future features are great news.

I wonder if it is possible to emulate this already :
advanced versions of scribus use character styles.
Is it coupled with some new import filters syntax
so as to enable character styles locally,
at a specific place to a set of character in the midst of a paragraph ?


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