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Subject: [Contact Us] Ruler measurements not to scale?

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Hello Scribus Team

I'm new to the Scribus program and have so far, so good until i've hit a
snag.  I cant seem to find anyone with this problem running Scribus so here
it goes.  I've created a custom document and have inputted the size in mm and
have adjusted the margins etc.. when scribus creates the new document and
displays it at 100% (1:1) the measurement displayed onscreen is not correct.
Any page shown at 100% is smaller than it should be, 10mm displayed is
actually 6mm approx. Scribus is showing the correct measurement I want on the
ruler, however when 'zoom to 100%' is used scribus is not displaying a
correct 'real world' measurement, it is not showing it at 100%. Also anything
I print at 100% also prints out at a similar/ the same reduction regardless
of settings in scribus or on my printer? I cannot replicate a similar issue
with the other programs I use.
Im running OSX Tiger with the latest updates.
Thank you for your time, I appreciate your help in this matter even if it is
just a button or setting i have missed.

Kind regards


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