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Marcus Holland-Moritz mhx-perl at gmx.net
Mon Feb 15 21:39:42 CET 2010

Hi Tage,

On 2010-02-15, at 18:31:44 +0100, Tage Stabell-Kulø wrote:

> I'm tired of BookSmart (from Blurb).  I published one book, but that you
> can't reconnect text-boxes for flow makes BookSmart very, very hard to use.

I got tired of BookSmart after about two minutes... ;)

Just last week I've released my first book on Blurb; I've used
Scribus for it and I would always do it again.

> In irder to use Scribus I need a tiny bit of assistance.
> Blurb says that my book needs to have the following specifications (in
> centimeters):
>     Final, exported PDF/X3 should measure (w x h): 17.462 x 17.462
>     Page size/trime line (w x h): 17.145 x 16.828	 
>     Bleed (top, bottom, and outside edges): 0.317	 
>     Inset for Margins / Safe boundary (from trim and gutter): 0.635

First of all, if you switch to and work with points, it's all
going to be a lot easier as you will not have to deal with
fractions of centimetres all the time:

  Page Specifications                                 Points
  Final, exported PDF/X3 should measure (w x h)       495 x 495
  Page size / trim line (w x h)                       486 x 477
  Bleed (top, bottom, and outside edges)                      9
  Inset for Margins / Safe boundary (from trim and gutter)   18

> Now, when making a new document i Scribus, how do the above requirements
> "map" to the ones in Scribus?
> For example: The "Final, exportet PDF", is that the width and height of
> "Document Layout"?


> Or is "Document Layout" what Blurb call "Page size"?

Yes. Just use the exact dimensions given under "Page size" for the
document width and height in Scribus. Make sure you use "Double
Sided" layout. Then, under the "Bleeds" tab, unlock the bleed
settings and enter the above Bleed value for all but the inside
edges. Under the "Margins" tab, you can add the "Inset for Margins"
value for all edges, but that's optional.

If you export you document, set Compatibility to "PDF/X-3" and
check the "Use Document Bleeds" checkbox in the "Pre-Press" tab.
Also, make sure you embed all your fonts.

If you open the exported PDF (e.g. in Acrobat), you should see
that the page size is exactly what is given above under "Final,
exported PDF/X3 should measure".

Hope that makes things clear. :)

All the best for your book!


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