[scribus] Hotlinks being removed

Ian Whitfield editor at federalsaints.net
Mon Feb 15 09:52:30 CET 2010

Hi All

I recently posted to the list my problem with the size of the PDF file 
produced by Scribus.

JLuc replied to me very kindly with the idea of using PDFCreator to cut 
the size down. I looked into this - could not get the Linux version 
going so tried the Windows version and managed a 75% reduction in size 
with no serious quality loss. Magic!!

However I have just discovered a problem! PDFCreator strips out all my 

So two questions.......

   1. Can anyone advise on getting the Linux version working, (and does
      this also strip out Hotlinks)?
   2. Is there any way to stop PDFCreator from doing this?

Many thanks in advance.

Ian Whitfield
Kubuntu 9.10

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