[scribus] how to prevent hyphenating one word

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Feb 12 10:03:50 CET 2010

hi cezary,

> As in topic - how I can simply prevent hyphenating for one selected word?
> Ok, I know I can select this word and click Extras / Dehyphenate Text.
> But I am asking for more simple way to do it...
> For example in Ventura I can input smart hyphen (in Ventura called 
> Discretionary Hyphen) at beginning of desired word and this word will not be 
> hyphenated.
> Sometimes selecting whole word in text frame is difficult, sometimes even 
> impossible (last word in column when this is very large page layout, last word 
> on the page).

you may set exception for words in file > document settings...

but i don't think that scribus lets you ignore the hyphenation for a 
single word... you may add a feature request...


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