[scribus] GSoC 2010 is on!

OM malex at scribus.info
Fri Feb 12 07:47:24 CET 2010


The good folks at Google expect to continue with their world-renown Google
Summer of Code program this year. While there are no guarantees for any open
source organization to be accepted into the program we at the Scribus Team
will submit our application and hope for the best.

If any prospective student participants are reading this or if you know anyone
who might be interested in participating in this year's GSoC then please
direct them to http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/Category:GSOC_2010.
http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/GSoC_2010_Contact_Information would be the
first point of entry and
http://wiki.scribus.net/index.php/GSoC_2010_Student_Requirements is a must
read for anyone who wants to participate in the program.

Welcome and good luck to all,


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