[scribus] degenerate objects

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Feb 8 14:26:53 CET 2010

> using your parallel with spell checking, i think that there may be a list of exception for the current document... but i'm not sure if this is really a good idea...

That's exactly what I meant. But not a static list like "Always
exclude this object from pre-flight check" but an "Exclude this error
from the pre-flight check as long as the properties of the object
hasn't changed".

> still, i think that the best for your workflow is to simply ignore the whole output of the preflight verifier and only pay attention to it when your document is ready for production.

Then the documents sent to other editors for proof reading might have
errors that should have been fixed.

> for the specific case of the screenshots: i wonder if we should have of some sort "low resolution" setting for pictures: i understand that if you have 100 pages with two screenshots per page but also some "real" images you don't want to be bothered by the huge list of "too low resolution".

The problem isn't really a long list of errors, the problem is a few
errors spread out across the document. Because the pre-flight check
error list contains a row for each master page and a row for each
page, so I have to scroll to find the errors.

But I just realised that another thing that might help is for the
pre-flight check to NOT list pages without errors. I really can't see
the purpose of listing 6 master pages and 40 pages when there is an
error on ONE of the pages?


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