[scribus] degenerate objects Or PDF Preflight Verifier

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Mon Feb 8 13:09:16 CET 2010

What I am talking about is when I intentionally make something the
pre-flight check warns about. The pre-flight list is very long to
scroll through even when there's just 2-3 warnings, and it becomes
tedious to each export have to see if there are any new warnings or if
it's just those I already know of.
I agree with this

You should always see these warnings - in your scenario, you may
have forgotten that you used a low-res version of an image, and
need that reminder.
I can see a point to that, but if you are intensely preparing something 
I think the word tedious is an understatement.

Is there any merit to having different "views" on the preflight verifier 
available ?
Maybe one view could be a collapsed treeview list of the categories of 
warnings (or problems) with to the right of that in brackets the number 
of instances of the warning/problem in the whole document.
If you expand one of those it gives you a list of nodes representing 
page number/names and in brackets to the right the number of the issues 
(for that category of problem on that page)
And on expanding the page number/name node you get the detail.

Maybe within that you could see a sublist(s) of items previously checked 
and flagged as to be ignored?
i.e. you can still readily see what has previously been checked and 
preferred to be ignored in a previous production run.
You could also have a reset all ignore flags, i.e. starting over?

That way you could concentrate on only the areas of warnings you are 
concerned about, and new ones would possibly show up more obviously?


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