[scribus] degenerate objects

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Sat Feb 6 17:42:16 CET 2010

>> With such a warning added to the pre-flight checker, locating and
>> removing any such degenerate objects would be a piece of cake.

> i think that the idea is worth being evaluated... and it should not be difficult to implement...

> the checking would be optional and the user should be able to set the minimal size checked...

This topic reminded me of something I though about: Wouldn't a nice
feature be the be able to apply an exception for the pre-flight check?

For example if i KNOW that an image has a low resolution, because it
intentionally has been made in that resolution, it's a pain to always
get that warning when creating a PDF.

The exception would then for example store the properties of the
object and as long as the properties were not changed the pre-flight
check would skip that object.

(The way I solved it now was to just open the image in Gimp and
upsamle to a higher resolution, but a "Yes I know, don't remind med"
option would be nice.)


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