[scribus] double lines

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Feb 4 10:57:53 CET 2010

hi nik,
> It would be really useful to be able to define the gap between any 2 
> lines in a style, and then use that style to get reproducible double 
> (and triple, etc) line effects.
this is a feature which has already been requested several times (and is 
mostly related to the need to set the underline's color indipendently 
from the text color).

please make sure that there is a feature request for it in the bug 
report system (http://bugs.scribus.net).


p.s.: it's a wonderful idea to discuss your feature requests here on the 
ML! but don't forget to write a feature request for each feature that 
you want to be implemented (it would be nice, if you could summarize 
there the result of the ML discussion).
otherwise, there are good chances that they will be forgotten (the devs 
regularly go through the unresolved bug report / feature request... but 
they can't go through the past ML posts to see if there are good ideas 
which are not implemented yet :-)

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