[scribus] problems with select-and-perform

Nik scribus at babel.homelinux.net
Thu Feb 4 05:22:53 CET 2010

Hi All,

I have been an avid user of Scribus since 1.2, and have helped a number 
of organisations take it up also - so thank you for a great product.

I have a number of issues that I would like to ask about.
I'll post about the individual issues separately, so none get lost, and 
I'll also write a more general post explaining how these issues interact.

One thing that has caused me and others many problems in the past is the 
the select-and-perform response of scribus to a single mouse-click.

I've tested this recently on, and the problems have been 
reduced, but there are still problems.

The essential problem is that a user may click on a frame - intending 
just to select it, but for a variety of reasons, Scribus performs some 
additional, and unwanted operation as well.

In earlier versions, the unwanted operations included the frame being 
moved, or resized; and sometimes being resized to some (unusable) 
minimum size.

In my tests on 1.3.5, it seems the unwanted move has been completely 
resolved, and while the unwanted resize is no not so severe (I never had 
it shrink to minimum size), the frame can still be resized on a single 
mouse-click operation.

In my tests, if I clicked when the resize pointer (double-headed arrow) 
was either to the left of or above the centered position, the the 
clicked-on side moves left or up.

So my main question is:

Q1: Would it be possible to enable an optional mode in Scribus in which 
move and resize operations are only ever applied to a previously 
selected frame, meaning the left-click on an unselected frame only ever 
means "select"?

Q2: Alternatively, how can I help in resolving the click-causes-resize 


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