[scribus] Cropping invisible image areas on PDF export

Daniel Berlin dan.btown at hotmail.de
Tue Feb 2 19:49:22 CET 2010

>> Hi,
>> is there a way to crop image data that lies outside
>> the scribus image frames on export to PDF?
>> When I inspected Scribus-made PDFs I realized that
>> the images are exported to PDF in total although areas
>> of the images may be covered (that is, "behind") other
>> images or outside the image frame because of it being
>> smaller than the contained image.
>> I'm not sure if the scripts for web-optimising Scribus
>> PDFs handle this task -- or do they?

> If you flatten the file then layers and overlays 
> are compressed into a single image.  The easiest 
> way to flatten  a document is to export if as pdf 
> 1.4 or higher. Then import it into Acrobat Reader
> and print to file. Then run that print file through
> Ghostscript  script:
> ps2pdf13 filename.ps
> The end result will have all the layers, overlays 
> and transparencies etc. flattened and the pdf will 
> be much smaller in most cases. 
> -- 
> John Culleton

Thx John!
We'll give this a try next time.

> This is why we recommend using an image editor to crop images, 
> especially when the part you use is a small fraction of the image, and 
> there are a lot of images.
> If you need to keep the original, just work with a cropped copy.
> Greg

Yeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz. *sigh*

You know, we always thought yours were a little lier, trying to

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