[scribus] Save As... older Scribus version

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Feb 1 17:33:18 CET 2010

hi cezary,
> Sorry, no can do.
> If you use 1.3.6svn and save, you might have trouble loading into 
>, which can be fixed by just changing the 1.3.6.svn in the file 
> to 1.3.5. But 1.5.0 is more difficult than that due to added features.

while what greg wrote is true, there is a workaround to bring some 
content to older version: you can put the elements you want to migrate 
into the scrapbook, open the scrapbook with the older version and insert 
the items.

it's reported to work form some cases...


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