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jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer at accessvt.com
Fri Dec 31 05:23:05 CET 2010

Ivan W. wrote:
> Want to put a gif image in an image frame for a leaflet layout. The
> gif is on a website so I can view it in a browser (Opera) but how do
> I get it from browser screen to insertable in an image frame ? Tried
> a screen grab using GIMP and then using the GIMP select tool to get
> it from the white background it is on. But I found that the image
> frame allows 'cut' and 'copy' but not paste.

You must assume that every image you see on the Web is covered by
copyright unless you have contrary evidence. So before you save an
image to use in your leaflet, you need to make sure you have the
right to use the image. Using just a part of the image or modifying
it, even heavily, violates copyright unless you get permission to
use the image.

You can start by contacting the Webmaster for the site and finding
out whether the image is in the public domain.
--Judy M.

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