[scribus] Best practice: creating a template

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Thu Dec 30 11:50:59 CET 2010

> While Scribus is not designed to be an HTML creator or editor, it
> certainly offers options for reading PDFs in a browser. Given the
> legal requirements for some documents, I think Peter raised an
> important issue.

The point here is that while Scribus is targeted towards printing it
does some things that takes the UA issue away.

When a PDF has been printed to paper it does not matter in which order
the letters were placed. If writing the word "Scribus" it wouldn't
matter if the letters were placed in the order "irbucisS", but for UA
it would be essential that the text is output as words.

To acheive precision of letter placement Scribus places each letter
separately. It does not place the word "Scribus" on the page, but
rather the letters S, c, r, i, b, u and s. Each at it's own
coordiantes.This is one of the reasons the PDFs get so large. While
another application might just set the coordinates for the start of
each line and then "stamp" the whole line Scribus places each letter.

So, a Scribus created PDF is not made upp of "lines with words on" but
rather "letter placed on a page".


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