[scribus] Best practice: creating a template

Peter Palmreuther pitpalme+scribus at gmail.com
Wed Dec 29 21:24:39 CET 2010

On 12/29/10 2:51 pm, John Culleton wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 December 2010 17:46:46 Peter Palmreuther wrote:
>> At first I was wondering if there are any plans on enabling Scribus
>> to produce tagged PDF files, so these could become "PDF/UA safe".
>> It really is a matter for us and as soon somebody notices the
>> newsletter is not even close to PDF/UA I fear some people will
>> intervene and try to force me to use MS Word to create this
>> newsletter *shudder*.
> Can you define "PDF/UA safe"? I haven't come across that phrase before.


In short it's an attempt to make PDF "universally accessible"; "PDF/UA"
means "PDF/Universal Accessibility".

PDF/UA should enable e.g. screen readers to access information within the
PDF file better.

For this it's essential to structure PDF content, including tags to markup
the contents. Another thing is special markup of hyphenation information for
enabling text reflow and clean screen reading ... But that's a different story.
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