[scribus] Can't find old post about QT Config

John Jason Jordan johnxj at comcast.net
Wed Dec 29 07:37:38 CET 2010

Or maybe it wasn't about QT Config. 

Some time ago there was a thread started by a new user who was upset
about the size of the fonts in the menus. There were lots of replies,
including at least one from me. None of the other suggestions worked,
and the poster chose to ignore my suggestions, and ultimately said he
was abandoning Scribus. 

Now I need to remember the advice I gave him because I have forgotten
how to change the fonts in the menus. Initially I thought it had to do
with KDE, then later QT Config, but apparently I have misremembered. 

The problem is that I have just installed 1.3.9 on my desktop computer
with Lucid x86_64 and the menu fonts are too small. The reason they are
too small is partly because I copied the .Scribus folder from my laptop,
where I have used Scribus extensively for a long time. This was a quick
way to copy my personal settings to the desktop computer, but it
resulted in small menu fonts. And I remember that several months ago I
adjusted the fonts on the laptop (Fedora 14) because they were too big.
I just can't remember where I found the setting to change the menu font
size. I know the answer is in that thread, but I didn't save the

Does anyone remember this thread? Can someone help me find what my
brain has forgotten?

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