[scribus] 3 Fold Layout

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Dec 27 11:32:19 CET 2010

hi steve,

> I found a tutorial on creating a three fold brochure, and it tells how to
> use a single page, set guides etc.  This made no sense to me, as there is a
> three fold layout option, so I just tried selecting the three fold layout
> option, but this just gives me the same set up as a single page.  I do not
> understand.  Why is there a three fold layout option, if the program does
> not automatically give you a page set up with guides, landscape oriented for
> a three page 'brochure'?  Or am I just missing something?

use the threefold layout only if you're supposed to send six single 
pages to your printshop and let them correctly impose the pages.

the layout option is only there to define the layout on screen, while 
working with scribus. it does not affect the pdf-creation.

the same applies with the two-fold option: you don't get landscape pages 
with a guide in the middle but pages shown side by side in scribus: you 
will have to to impose the generated PDF with a dedicated software if 
you want to print a brochure.

for several practical reasons, you won't probably ever need to produce a 
three fold brochure by designing single pages, but you're likely to use 
the two-fold layout for booklets.

hope that helps

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