[scribus] Scribus 1.3.8 bug (I think)...

David A. McDow dmcdow at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 04:30:43 CET 2010

> hi david,
> in 1.3.9 edit styles has been removed from the story editor interface because it was buggy and not really needed: you can and should always go through the main navigation in "edit > manage styles". 
> can you try to do the same from that menu?

Dear a.l.e.,

Yes, this works perfectly.  I will use this methodology to change my style names.  I greatly appreciate your time/insight in response to my question.

BTW, you mentioned that editing styles in the Story Editor has been eliminated in 1.3.9.  There was recently a thread about how to install 1.3.9 in Ubuntu 10.10.  

I am an anthropologist.

I read with great interest that thread and could not follow the uninterrupted steps to install it.  I have been waiting in the wings hoping that there would be a follow-up comprehensive step-by-step "How to install", but have not seen one.  I wonder if it is possible to post a "Cliff Notes" version for installing 1.3.9 in Ubuntu 10.10.

I greatly appreciate any information,
David A. McDow

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