[scribus] help requested for custom msi

Alexandre Chevrier alexchevrier at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 15:30:05 CET 2010


  I create msi for scribus for deployment in our schools, they are deployed
on about 1000 windows computers (XP, Vista and 7).  For version 1.3.8 I
requested help to learn that C++ 2005 was required.


  I now face a new problem.  I deployed ghostscript 8.71 and C++ 2005 on all
computers.  I installed scribus on a clean virtual PC and created a msi with
the scribus folder in Program Files.  I also added the scribus folder in the
application data in the default user to speed up the first startup.  I added
registry keys for the file associations.


  I started another virtual PC and installed the same Ghostscript and C++ to
test my msi.  I get the following error (translated from French, so I hope
it's understandable !) :




There was a problem to load 1 of 28 extensions.




This is probably due to a dependency or the presence of an obsolete
extension in the install folder.  Try to clean the installation folder and
reinstall the extensions.  If this still doesn't work, repport bug to




Can you help me ?  I would like to know if I did something wrong or a way to
test what may cause this problem.



Alexandre Chevrier

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