[scribus] A couple of things that would have saved me a lot of times

Marie-Noëlle Augendre mnaugendre at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 18:55:39 CET 2010

1) Each time I want to add a couple of pages, I have to redefine all the
parameters, though I always used the same:
 - nb. of pages: 2 (default: 1)
 - where: after current page (default: after last page)
 - left page: my own left master-page (default: Normal)
 - right page: my own right master-page (default: Normal)
Would you consider some way to keep the previous settings?

2) I used the scrapbook quite a lot to import backgrounds and page numbers
into the document.
In the scrapbook, those frames are locked so they go straight to right place
on the page without being resized or moved.
However, when I pasted the wrong one to a page, the undo function doesn't
work: I have to unlock the frame before I'm allowed to delete it.
In my opinion, a pasted frame could be 'unpasted', whether it's locked or


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