[scribus] Cursor changes to blank rectangle or tip of arrow

Barry McKenna bmcken at pobox.com
Sat Dec 18 02:13:42 CET 2010

1.3.9 just installed, was using 1.3.6
gdiplus.dll in Scribus directory

After startup, when I select a frame, the cursor changes to 
the normal hand-shaped cursor. However, when I deselect a 
frame and then select another frame, the cursor changes to 
either a black rectangle about 3/8 inch wide by 1/4 high, or 
else it changes into just the tip of the normal white arrow 

Any suggestions to tweak this new install, or should I just 
put this in Mantis?

Also, I notice that I can't go back to 1.3.6 with this 
document which has been saved once in 1.3.9. Is that to be 

I may be able to use it as it is, although I have to fiddle 
with the cursor to get to change to the sizing cursor in 
order to resize a frame.

Best wishes,
Barry McKenna

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