[scribus] Organizing the workspace display OR possible intuitive self help while not annoying those who know more

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Fri Dec 17 13:10:16 CET 2010

hi peter,
> Well, you might have an idea there, but no other programs use that as
> far as I know. Wouldn't it be better to do like other programs do? We
> are already seeing a lot of users complain that Scribus does things
> different.

just one last thought from my side: why should anybody switch to 
scribus, if it behaves just like all the other programs do?
this is not a rhetoric question, this is what the people ask me when i 
show them scribus. (well, they add also: and does not work as well as 
the other programs do).

i like scribus and i like to use it, but copying how other apps work, is 
rarely a path that leads to -- even smaller -- success. this is my 
experience, yours may be different.
imo, we have to found our own solutions and apply them in a consistent 
way. they don't have to be different, but they may be.

in this specific case, i have the feeling that most application fail to 
communicate warning and tips to their users. very few do it right (in my 
eyes) and we should try to get inspiration from there, not from what 
most people are used to.

but, as i said, add as many tooltips, alerts, popups, and all you 
want... as long as i can disable it, i don't personally care.
and if there is any interest in developing a good notification system, 
well, you know where you can find me and get me into the project...

have a nice afternoon

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