[scribus] Organizing the workspace display OR possible intuitive self help while not annoying those who know more

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Fri Dec 17 07:25:34 CET 2010

> personally, i'm for finding a good notification system for scribus. but, generally speaking, alert boxes are not what i understand under a good way of communicating between a program and its users. it scares some of the users and annoys most of the rest...

But who has been talking about alert boxes? Tooltips are not the same
thing as alert boxes. Tooltips show up when you hover the mouse
pointer over an item for a second or so, and disappear as soon as you
move the mouse again. How often do you keep you mouse pointer above a
disabled menu item?

I have previously on this list mentioned how most printer setting
dialoges handle disabled features: A small mark (usually exclamation
mark or question mark) appears near the item that is disabled and when
you click or hover it you get an explanation like "Staple option can
not be used when using the upper output tray". A similar notice would
be perfect for that diabled PDF/X-3 export button.


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