[scribus] Organizing the workspace display

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Dec 16 17:39:44 CET 2010


>>>   I think I have the answer: I was trying to paste the photo on the
>>>>> background
>>>>> layer, where there was already a locked background shape that covered
>>>>> the
>>>>> whole page.
>>>>> I have no problem when I'm on the right layer, where I'm supposed to put
>>>>> the
>>>>> photos.
>>>> This is great when people answer their own questions!
>>> Hope this will help somebody else.
>> Scribus would help people to help themselves if it could provide
>> some warning message :
>> "Sorry, you cannot paste on this locked layer ! Unlock it or change
>> layer..."
> I fully agree.
> I understand Scribus is a very powerful piece of software, but as a newbie
> I'm often very frustrated when I don't understand why it wouldn't do
> something, or this or that function is greyed or undisplayed.
> Most often, it's just a case of setting the right way some parameter or
> other. It would be very helpful if it could display more tooltips or
> error/advice messages.

somehow, yes you're right. on the other side, it's very annoying to have 
a program which keeps on shouting out alerts.

but i think that a better notification area (or a better used one) could 
be helpful!

i will try to contribute to that idea in the bug tracker...


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