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John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
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On Monday 13 December 2010 19:48:38 John Culleton wrote:
> When counting up MS Windows versions we should not count the ones
> that failed in the marketplace. Windows 2000 was a success. Windows
> Millenium was a failure and was not widely used. Windows XP was a
> big success.  Windows Vista did not sell well except as a
> preinstalled system on new or refurbished computers. Windows 7
> appears to be another big success.
> I suggest that Scribus developers concentrate on Windows XP and
> Windows 7. That is where the bulk of Windows users are. If a Vista
> user wants to become a Scribus user then they should be encouraged
> to upgrade to Windows 7.  That will be beneficial  to them in many
> ways beyond just hosting Scribus.
> Commercial users of Windows resisted pleas to upgrade(?) to Vista.
> Many bought new computers with Vista on preinstalled and refitted
> those computers to Windows XP for compatibility and ease of inhouse
> support. That is the real world.  Dropping XP support and testing
> but retaining Vista support is a bad idea.

I was not indulging in Micro$oft bashing when I wrote the above. 
Rather I was suggesting which versions of MSWindows should be targets 
for the the current versions of Scribus. 

All software providers have their ups and downs. Once I had a 
situation where the latest version of IBM Disk Drive (2314), the 
latest version of IBM's Bill of Material Processor and IBM's current 
version of the Disk Operating System wouldn't work together. Our IBM 
SE had to go to Shell of Canada to get a copy of the next previous 
version of (mainframe)  DOS so that we could get a critical project 
moving forward. More recently I had to backdate my Slackware Linux 
from 13.1 to 13.0  to get certain features of the GUI to work 
properly.  Windows XP is used a lot more than Windows Vista. That was 
my point. 

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