[scribus] Script problem using getPageType()

Andreas Hünnebeck acmh at gmx.de
Thu Dec 16 00:11:53 CET 2010

I have problems using the getPageType() call in Scribus 1.3.9:

1. the documenation (local and online) does not mention any arguments, however 
   Python insists that it needs exactly one argument. I tried to feed the current
   page number and this seems to do the job when working on normal pages:

   page_type = getPageType(currentPage())
   I use 'page_type' to find out if the current page is a left or a right page.
2. Working on Master pages is different. Using getPageType() as shown above
   always creates a wrong 'page_type' (right on left master pages, left on right 
   master pages)

How can I fix this? What is the meaning of the argument fed into getPageType()?
Is there a better way to find out if the current page is a left or right page?

Thanks a lot
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