[scribus] Windows versions.

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Tue Dec 14 21:07:48 CET 2010

Its gone end-of-life, apart from on NetBooks and Windows 7 downgrade
options to XP.

As per the link, XP is supported till 8th April 2014 so it is not really 
end of life, I'm not dead yet.

I freelance to a wide range of clients, some are corporates and they are 
in no hurry to change.
Some are planning, but are so big that they do not expect to changeover 
till end of 2013 and some are even delaying it because they are 
convinced there will be other options before they have to decide and change.
I also support smaller businesses and individuals and most have no 
intention of changing, until they are forced to.

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