[scribus] Cannot edit/create paragragh styles

K.King k.king177 at ntlworld.com
Tue Dec 14 20:55:14 CET 2010

The old way worked fine for me. I don't understand how access to the
style editor from within the story editor is not desirable. It seems
some of us are similar but many of us are different,
and then what we are trying to achieve is another matter.
I would say most of the people I have introduced Scribus to have all 
struggled with the concept of the story editor and quite often comment 
along lines that some of the standard/most used text formatting 
functions they would like to see on a toolbar across the top (yes you 
can guess the sort of software they have mainly been using)
But they did find having to open and navigate the properties dialog 
either a bit daunting or felt it less straightforward then what they had 
been used to. That does not mean it is ideal or the best for all users 
or for all uses, but I do see some merit in it for some.
Dreaming aloud I'd like to see dockable, customizable tool bars that 
potentially a few pre set "profiles" could be provided to be chosen from...

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