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On Tue, 14 Dec 2010 09:40:39 -0800, Gregory Pittman <gregp_ky at yahoo.com>  

> On 12/13/2010 10:38 PM, Craig Bradney wrote:
>> Really, I think we should only support Windows 7. XP is old, ugly, has a
>> million bugs and plenty of security issues. Vista was just a big old
>> mistake in its earliest versions. In its latest versions, it is actually
>> quite ok on the right hardware. Windows 7 will easily beat XP and Vista
>> in my experience in performance (even on 3-4 year old hardware with
>> reasonable spec) and usability, as well as security.
> Where I work, for reasons which remain obscure but probably give  
> evidence for the presence of Neanderthal genes in the population, XP is  
> still the OS of our hospital's system, and not only that, but you must  
> use IE6 and a severely outdated Java to fully access information that I  
> need. Thus my setting up of an XP VM on my computers, and by the time I  
> did this, I could only manage to find an x86_64 version of XP, something  
> of an orphan's orphan, since no one, even Microsoft, has a complete set  
> of drivers for various peripherals, and various work-arounds don't  
> manage to work around the problems.
> This isn't to say that there isn't some ulginess with Win7. I bought a  
> Dell with Win7 installed, with backup DVD, and one of my first  
> operations was to wipe Win7 from it and install Fedora. I really wasn't  
> interested in Win7 except as a means to be able to test Scribus on it,  
> so after checking the EULA on the DVD, which gives me the right to  
> install it as a VM, I installed it on this same computer. It more or  
> less seems to work Ok, but now every time I start it up, it tells me  
> that this is not a genuine version of 7, and that I need to correct this  
> problem to be a good citizen. I tried to fix this via their online  
> suggestion, but this failed, with the further suggestion that I need to  
> call to straighten out this matter. Since it's still working, I don't  
> bother.
> So in the process of making 7 seem like it's a good result following the  
> release of Vista, they have embedded various tests to run every time you  
> start up Win7, i.e., when you use 7, you communicate to MS (Mother  
> Ship). Keep this in mind. Perhaps one day, a couple of guys approaching  
> my house like Mormons will announce their reverence for the almighty MS,  
> and suggest I repent my evil ways.
> Greg

About a year ago I tried to get Service Pack 3 for XP pro because I wanted  
a cedrtain driver. MS would not let me download the Service Pack unless I  
upgraded the security on my set up. I have been using Linux ever since.  
This is a new laptop for me, came with W indows 7 which I formatted off  
the drive when I installed my Linux setup, which was immediately. Wine  
fills the gap for certain programs I need. I am even thinking I might try  
Scribus in Wine, see if I have tooltips there.

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