[scribus] Cannot edit/create paragragh styles

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Dec 13 08:19:29 CET 2010

hi john,

> > Previously, right-clicking the left hand column in the text box
> > gave me a menu of available styles, plus an option to create/edit
> > same. Now, I only get the menu of existing styles, and no ability
> > to modify them. I'm on Ubuntu 10.10.

> Try Edit->Styles to do what you used to do while in the Story
> Editor.  I understand there is a reason for changing this, but the
> logic is lost on me. 

the story editor is generally in bad shape.

the command you're used to call was not working on some setups, so -- since it has a good replacement -- it has been removed.

a/ the story editor will be completely replaced at some time in the future by a new implementation

b/ with 1.3.9 you can do most edits in the frame itself, without using the story editor

c/ you can have both the style editor and the story editor open at the same time.

hope that helps

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